Samsung Galaxy S10 Version 5G Will Only Present in These Two Countries?

Mobile phone vendors from South Korea, Samsung, reportedly will bring the exclusive 5G Galaxy S10 version only in two countries.  The two countries are none other than their own country, South Korea, and the superpower of the United States.

This news comes from the famous Samsung device leaker, IceUniverse, which often reveals innovations and technology that will be released by the South Korean mobile giant.

On his Twitter account, he mentioned that there was a S10 5G variant with another name accompanied by a leakage of screen size and availability.    "Beyond X is Samsung's first 5G phone that will carry a 6.7-inch screen and will be available in South Korea and the United States," he said.  The screen looks 0.3 inches larger than the S10 + version which according to rumors carries a 6.4-inch stretch of screen.

Also known, the IceUniverse tweet reinforces previous rumors which mention the existence of two patented Samsung models through the names of the SM-G977U and SM-G977N, each of which is targeted to the markets of South Korea and the United States.  If it is true, then other countries such as Europe, Canada and other Asian countries, including Indonesia, may be visited by this cellphone codenamed "Beyond X".

However, this information is only a rumor. The Galaxy S10 5G could have visited other countries because Samsung hasn't yet provided official confirmation.  However, apart from that, reportedly the Samsung 5G mobile phone with 12GB RAM and in-screen fingerprint reader will remain on display to the public at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in February 2019,

It is possible that the 5G cellphone that will be exhibited is a device with the name "Beyond X" or it could be another device. Let's just wait for another rumor.

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