Amazed to Meet a Laptop with the World's Thinnest Bezel

Las Vegas - Like a smartphone, the more days the laptop screen is made more spacious. Well, this one laptop has just been lined up with the thinnest bezel in the world.  The laptop in question is Zenbook S13. Asus gave birth to it at the CES 2019 event and immediately reaped the admiration.  Out of curiosity, we tried to approach this laptop, even though the exhibition location was far apart from the main area of CES 2019, namely at the Trump hotel.

As footsteps climbed the 63rd floor of the gold-colored building, the eyes immediately looked for the existence of Zenbook S13. Once you see it right away, it's really amazing.  This laptop bezel is so thin. Information from Asus, the thickness is only 2.5 mm. Therefore, the aspect ratio reaches 97%. This is the biggest aspect ratio so far, overtaking Acer Swift 7 which has 92%.

But, we found something unusual on this laptop. There is a notch, but it does not cover the screen and has a bulge above the screen.  Although the design seems strange, its existence is quite helpful when opening this laptop. In this notch itself, the webcam is placed.  Asus makes the screen look pretty slick, even though the resolution is 1080p. In dimensions, Zenbook S13 is smaller than its predecessor. Even so, the size is still the same.  Turning to the exterior, Asus still carries its trademark on the front cover of this laptop. Silver aluminum material, this combination makes Zenbook S13 look luxurious and futuristic.  Interestingly enough, this laptop has a MIL-STD-810G certificate. That is, the durability of Zenbook S13 is military standard.

It's just that, because of its small body, the port that is owned is not very complete. However, it is sufficient to meet the needs of users. There are two USB Type C ports on the left side accompanying the microSD slot. While on the right side there is an audio jack and USC type A.  This laptop carries ergolift hinges like a number of other Asus devices. This hinge system makes the back become a stand when this laptop is opened, so as to provide a slope on the keyboard.  A typical Asus laptop, the Zenbook S13 keyboard is good to use. It has a backlit keyboard that makes typing easier when it is dark. For the touchpad, it is quite spacious and comfortable to navigate on it. In this touchpad area, Asus places a fingerprint sensor.  Overall, the Zenbook S13 is quite attractive. The design is charming, the screen with a thin bezel is able to satisfy the eyes.

When it comes to ability, looking at the specs, there should be no complaints. But it must be proven by testing. Even so, hopefully Asus will bring Zenbook S13.


Screen: 13.9 inch Full HD Processor: up to Intel Core i7-8565U RAM: up to 16GB Memory: PCIe M.2 SSD up to 1TB GPU: Nvidia GeForce MX150 Dimensions: 12.9 x 316 x 195 mm Weight: 1.1 kg.

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