End of January, Google Assistant Will Be Installed at 1 Billion Devices

The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) event was held again in Las Vegas, United States, starting this week. The one who stole the attention was the giant advertisement of the Google Assistant. Writing "Hey Google" to call the smart assistant posted on the Las Vegas monorail body.

The giant booth with the same writing stood tall in the middle of the Capital of the World of Entertainment. The gimmick is not without reason, because Google has just announced a new achievement at the opening of the CES 2019.

At the end of January, the Google Assistant will certainly be installed on 1 billion devices. That number rose significantly from previously recorded, which is 500 million around six months ago, precisely in May 2017. Amazon Alexa, a digital assistant software competitor of Google Assistant, is known to still lag behind with installation on 100 million devices. The majority of Google Assistant is installed on Android smartphones which in fact is dominant in the mobile industry. "The biggest contribution is still smartphones," said VP Google Assistant, Manuel Bronstein.

He did not explain in detail what portion of the contribution of each type of device to support the growth of the Google Assistant. What is clear, he claims Google Assistant on smart speakers and other connected devices continues to grow.

Google also announced that its smart assistant now supports 30 languages and is available in 80 countries. Active users have grown fourfold year after year, even though their real numbers have not been revealed.  Going forward, Google plans to bring its smart assistant to the feature phone. The reason is, there are still many feature phone users, especially in developing countries. Google regards it as "Next Billion Devices"  "We will begin to discuss it (the Google Assistant plan on feature phones) is further at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)," said Manuel Bronstein.

MWC will be held next February in Barcelona, Spain. Let's wait for further news about the Google Assistant there!

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