Google Introduces Voice Access, the Android Drive Application

To expand the reach of its users, Google makes the Android mobile operating system able to be operated with voice commands, even though it is limited to its main functions.  With this feature, Google opens Android access for people with disabilities who want to operate an Android phone.  Quoted from Google Bblog, Tuesday (04/12/2016), the application "drive" Android was named Voice Access and allows persons with disabilities to access the main functions of Android phones.

The application is still in beta stage and tested by the Google team. The plan, Voice Access will be released as a free application on the Play Store in the near future.  Then what Android phone functions will be accessible with voice commands?

Voice Access can be used to open applications, scroll the screen of the phone, and select several items on the screen.  For example, users can say "Open Chrome" to open a browser application on an Android phone.

In addition, they can also give the "Go Home" command to access the phone's main screen.  To interact with the screen, they can give the command "click next" or "scroll down."  Voice Access will also use a numerical numbering system for menus and applications. So, the application and menu will be numbered and the user can call the number to access / choose.

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