LG Prepares Upscale "Alpha" Class Mobile Phone Line?

LG Prepares Upscale "Alpha" Class Mobile Phone Line?
So far, LG has two lines of flagship phones, namely the G series and V series. In 2019, the top-class smartphone line LG is expected to increase with the presence of a new line of coded "Alpha".  The news was first brought up by a great leak, Evan Blass, via his Twitter account. In his tweet, Blass hinted that LG's "Alpha" cellphone would be the flagship equivalent to Samsung "Beyond" or the Galaxy S10.  However, it is not mentioned in more detail as to what specifications will be carried, features, prices, or design.

in early 2018, LG had indeed stated that they would change the habits of the company in releasing flagship phones.

At that time LG's vice-chairman, Cho Sung-jin, said LG would only make a flagship cellphone when needed, not because it wanted to match the competitor's release schedule.  As a result, it is still a big question when this "Alpha" flagship series will be released, if it really exists. It could be this year or in a longer time.

LG itself has been known to routinely release two flagship series in one year. The G Series is usually introduced at the beginning of the year, followed by the V series which appears towards the end of the year.

Some time ago, rumors circulated that LG would unite these two lines. The indication is sticking out from the Dutch technology site, LetsGoDigital.  In this information, LG is known to have filed a trademark for series V phones. It is possible that the G series will be eliminated given its disappointing sales.  Overall, despite losing prestige with big players like Samsung, Apple, and now Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, and constantly losing money, LG has stated that it still hasn't given up on the smartphone arena.

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