Instagram Will Hide Sensitive Photos

Instagram Will Hide Sensitive Photos

Instagram starts responding seriously to sensitive content related to suicide, or attempts to hurt themselves. The photo and video sharing platform will use a feature called "sensitivity screens", which will disguise sensitive content with blur effects. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri conveyed this. In addition to closing it with "sensitivity screens", Instagram will delete related content from searches, hashtags, or account recommendations. It should be noted, sensitive images or videos are not lost, only hidden and users can still see it. Mosseri said that Instagram had tried to stop the spread of suicidal content or hurt themselves, but could not find the content quickly.

We have to do everything we can to keep vulnerable people safe using our platform.
For more details, we do not allow uploads that promote or influence people to commit suicide or harm themselves, "Mosseri explained.

The elimination of sensitive content is carried out in collaboration with technicians and trained content reviewers. They will hunt sensitive content and then inhibit its spread through search, hashtags, accounts, and search suggestions. Instagram does not explain whether they will also rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize sensitive elements automatically in images and videos. However, its parent company, Facebook, has an AI-based tool to prevent the spread of suicidal content. So that is quite reasonable if later Instagram uses the same tool. Not only inhibits the spread of content. Mosseri said that Instagram will help users who are trying to get up from suicide attempts, or hurt themselves.

One way is to direct it to organizations that can help them, such as Papyrus and Samaritans. This step was taken by Instagram after some time ago, a 14-year-old teenager in England ended his life after seeing charged images hurting himself on Instagram and Pinterest.

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