Opera Browser Provides a Free VPN for Android Users

 Opera Browser Provides a Free VPN for Android Users!

Android users who use the Opera browser on their mobile phones now no longer need to install VPN when they need it. Because, Opera already provides VPN features that can be activated directly when the browser is used.  The feature was announced by Opera through its official blog. According to Opera, this VPN feature is poured on users as additional protection when surfing the internet.

 "We have begun testing the default VPN feature in our browser for Android users. Beta users around the world can test this VPN feature for free and unlimited," wrote the Opera.  "This new feature is designed to improve the control and privacy of your browsing.

You no longer need to download paid apps separately to protect your activities when using public Wi-Fi," they continued.

How to activate this VPN is very easy. First of all, users simply download "Opera browser beta" on the Google Play Store. Once installed, just enter the "settings" or "settings" menu and the user will find a button to turn VPN on and off.

Quoted by KompasTekno from Mashable, Monday (02/11/2019), users can also choose which virtual location to use after activating this VPN. Users can choose locations in Europe, America and Asia.

VPN itself is indeed an important tool to protect our privacy in cyberspace. But VPNs are also often misused to open blocked websites in an area.  Although this VPN can be used for free, Opera guarantees that it will not store or collect certain data from users.

"Our VPN is a service without leaving a 'log', which means we will not be able to collect any information from those who use this network server. This will keep your personal data protected from intruders when connected to public Wi-Fi networks," Opera said .

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