WhatsApp Now Lockable with Face and Fingerprint

WhatsApp Now Lockable with Face and Fingerprint

WhatsApp Now Lockable with Face and Fingerprint

SUBMIT Tekno Apps & OS WhatsApp Now Lockable with Face and Fingerprint Bill Clinten - Kompas Tekno Monday, February 4, 2019 | 16:02 WIB WhatsApp illustration ilhamputra.com - After circulating through rumors, the latest biometric feature for WhatsApp users was finally launched for users, although it is still a beta tester. The user's biometric data is guaranteed confidentiality, encrypted and stored on the device side, not on the WhatsApp server.

This feature allows users to lock and open the WhatsApp application with a face or fingerprint, if the phone has a Face ID or Touch ID feature. This new feature is present on the WhatsApp platform for iOS. Later, after users update WhatsApp to the latest version, iPhone users will be able to use the Touch ID feature (iPhone 8 and below) or Face ID (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR) to lock and unlock WhatsApp.

How to? First, users must first activate this feature in WhatsApp's "Privacy" menu. To access it, users simply visit.

On the "Privacy" page, select the "Screen Lock" menu. In this view, users will be offered the option to activate the Face ID or Touch ID feature, based on the features in each device, as mentioned above.

After that, activate toggle "Require Face ID" or "Require Touch ID". Users can also set the time period for WhatsApp to lock the application automatically. The duration of WhatsApp locking can be set from "Immediately", which means it will be locked when the user leaves the WhatsApp application, up to 1 hour. After WhatsApp is locked at the specified time, the user is required to scan the Face ID or Touch ID to reopen it.

If the user cannot open the WhatsApp application via Face ID or Touch ID (the scan failed), WhatsApp users are required to enter their iPhone passcode. If you don't want to open WhatsApp, users can reply to messages and answer WhatsApp calls from notifications in "Lock Screen", even though this biometric technology is protected. Want to enjoy this biometric feature? Users with iOS devices can update WhatsApp to version through the App Store. Although it has rolled on the iOS platform, a similar biometric feature (fingerprint) for the Android version of WhatsApp is reportedly under development

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